This Widowed Mother Sold Her Jewellery, So That Her Daughter Could Win Gold Medal!


20-year-old Tracy Darlong always dreamed winning Gold for India in Boxing. Last week, her dream come true by winning Gold for India by beating her opponent from Sri-Lanka in the 55 kg category.

Tracy Darlong comes from a very humble background, she is a resident of Kanchancherra territory of Dhalai area, a far town and some 140 km from Tripura’s capital Agartala, Tracy Darlong didn’t have an easy life before winning the Gold medal for India.

Tracy lost her father a year ago which led to a tough financial strain on her family. It was her mother Biakveli Darlong, who took the responsibility to support and educate her daughter.

Talking about Tracy’s childhood, her mother Biakveli Darlong told to The Indian Express that how she was very much keen towards the sports. Tracy often used to play Volleyball, football, and kabaddi. And then it was the kickboxing coach Pinaki Chakraborty who spotted Tracy when she was in class 9.

Speaking with the publication, her mother Biakveli Darlong says: “Pinaki sir visited our home and asked me to promote Tracy’s interest in sports… He told us she would be a very good fighter… But I refused to let her go to Kolkata for a tournament in 2013 due to financial problems… She got another offer in 2014 to contest in Bangalore, and I agreed. My daughter won a gold medal at the very first go…”

Her family was facing tough finacial strain and to send her daughter to Chandigarh for the national tournament in August, her mother Bikaveli was forced to mortgage her gold.

Speaking with the publication Tracy says: “My mother sold her jewels to help me get here and participate in the international tournament. Not everybody gets such a chance. I got it due to my mother.”

Despite the extreme financial strain, Tracy continued her game. So far she has won 5 Gold medals, the WAKO India Junior National Kickboxing Championship, the WAKO India Senior National Kickboxing Championship, 15th National Muay Thai Championship in the year 2014, the National Amateur Muay Thai Championship in the year 2016 and the recent event was the second National Savate Championship held in Chandigarh in which she managed to win another Gold. Tracy also got to win the silver medal at the India Independence Cup International Karate Championship in the year 2016.

After clinching the Gold in the second National Savate Championship held in Chandigarh, Tracy had the opportunity to participate in the Boxe Franchise Savate Championship as well.

And yes, for everything that she has achieved today the credit must also be given to her mother who sacrificed everything to support the dreams and aspirations of her daughter.

Today, when Tracy Darlong has made the country and her mother proud. We hope that the sports ministry and the state authorities will extend all support and help, for this young talented girl, so that so could win win more medals for India and make this country proud.