From Sweeping Dhaba Floors to Winning Gold for India, This Girl From Himachal Pradesh is a True Meaning of Grit!


Though today, She is India’s one of the most fierce players in the Kabaddi Team, representing India in the Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia, just a few years back, Kavita was helping her parents to run a dhaba near Manali, in Himachal Pradesh.

Her mother Krishna Devi and Father Prithvi Singh, sell tea and snacks in a small dhaba near Manali. Kavita and her sister Kalpana always tried to help their parents in every possible way–Both the sisters were washing utensils, cleaning the floors and doing other works what required to run the dhaba.

While speaking with the Times of India, Kavita says: “My childhood and teenage years were very difficult… In winter, we slept in the back of our shop on the floor… It was unbearable since the floor felt like ice… We didn’t have any money to buy mattresses. There were days when we didn’t make any money, and all of us went hungry,”

But everything changed for Kavita when she discovered the game kabaddi:

Kavita started playing the sport in her childhood in school and when she became an adult, decided to take it up professionally.
Speaking with the Times of India, She says:
“I took up kabaddi because it wasn’t a costly sport… In fact, my elder sister was a better kabaddi player than me, but she had to give up her dream of playing the sport at the highest level in order to help my parents at the dhaba…”

Her family supported her dream and encouraged her to continue with her passion for the game.

In the year 2009 when her talent and consistency were recognized at the national level, she joined the Sports Authority of India(SAI) in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

While talking about his training and game in the Sports Authority of India(SAI), she said that: “At SAI, I concentrated on my game and gave my best.”

And Soon, She got selected for the national team. Kavita told that her family always supported her passion, they always wanted me to chase my dreams.

Talking with the Publication, Kavita says: I would have never played for the Indian team without their unflinching support.”

From Sweeping Dhaba Floors to Winning Gold for India, Himachal Girl Defines True Grit!

From there she never looked back, In the year 2012 at Asian Kabaddi championship, Kavita was the part of the team and helped India secure the Top position in the championship. And she was also the part of the team when the Indian women’s kabaddi team won the Gold in the year 2014 and 2017.

Now, she is the part of the team, representing India at the Asian Games-2018.

Her contribution to the national team brought her into the spotlight and the government also had taken the note of her situation.
While her family still works at their dhaba and now they have a secure roof on their heads and living in a rented house in Himachal Pradesh.

Talking with the publication, he mother Krishna Devi says: “It is Kavita’s hard work and determination that has given us a roof over our heads…Some years ago, we couldn’t even think of living anywhere else other than our dhaba… We wish she brings more laurels for the country…”

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