From Germany to New-Zealand: This 89-Year-Old Granny’s Potli Bags are a Global Hit!


Age is just a count of numbers, It is a timeless phrase which explodes the myth that only the youth have the ability to chase their dreams or achieve milestones. For the people who passionately driven by ambitions to achieve their dreams, age has been the least of their worries.

We have many living examples of older folks in India who have achieved a lot even during the ‘Twilight’ days of their lives, their state, dedication and the determination would give us ‘youngsters’ a run for our money.

Here is the story of 89-year-old Latika Chakrabarty who is an amazing individual, despite her age, she is a successful entrepreneur woman who has an online venture where she sells potlis or decorated drawstring pouches and all made by herself.

Her website, Latika’s Bags, was recently launched by her grandson Joy, who was blown away by the wonderful handiwork of her grandmother and felt that her potlis deserved a greater reach and better appreciation.

Every potli that you see on her website has been designed and painstakingly handcrafted by Latika herself. The most amazing thing is that like every product you come across various other online ventures these days, each potli has a unique name and a story.

She was born during the dawn of the 19th century in the town of Dhubri in Assam state, sewing was Latika’s favorite pastime. Her husband Krishna Lal Chakraborty was an officer-surveyor from the Survey Of India and he was posted regularly to the different locations. And because of the constant traveling, Latika got to live in a number of places across India and also this also ended up collecting the unique fabrics and sarees from all over the country.

She made ample use of her sewing talents by stitching clothes of her children when they were young. When her children grew up and she took to make dolls from the old fabrics that would otherwise have to be discarded.

She uses old sarees and fabrics, Latika’s potlis made their entry as fancy accompaniments to ethnic wear during the festival seasons some 4 years back and became very popular among family friends and the relatives.

However, nobody, least of all Latika, ever thought that there would be a demand of her potlis from the countries like New Zealand, Oman, and Germany and that she’d have her bags up on the internet website.

Thanks to her grandson’s enthusiasm and support from her family, Her bags are high in demand today and with great handiwork, we aren’t surprised why!

Latika’s Bags are priced between INR500- 1500. While you take your time and browse her website, please remember that unlike the other online ventures, it might take some time to get back to you but we would like to assure you that your patience will totally be worth the wait.