Assam Boat Accident: This 11-Year-Old Dives into Ragging River, Risks His Life Thrice To Save Mom, Aunt, 2 Strangers!


Assam Boat Accident: This 11-Year-Old Dives into Ragging River, Risks His Life Thrice To Save Mom, Aunt, 2 Strangers!

On 5th September 2018, 11-year-old Kamal Kishore Das became a hero after saving 3 people including his mother, aunt, and a stranger from drowning in the Brahmaputra river.

The trio had just dropped off Kamal’s grandmother to her home and were returning on a boat which was on routine round from the North-Guwahati to the opposite bank of the river. And suddenly, the boat hit a pillar and capsized, and all passengers threw into the deep swirling waters of the Brahmaputra river.

While speaking with the Times of India, Kamal said: “When the boat hit the pillar, my mother asked me to take off my shoes and swim to the bank… I managed to swim ashore…”

But till the time Kamal didn’t realize that his mother was protecting him while risking her own life. Kamal knows how to swim but not her mother and he realized that after reaching the shores.

Speaking to the Times of India, Kamal said: “When I got to the bank, I realised my mother and aunt had not been able to follow… My mother can’t swim…”

And after realizing the circumstances, Kamal jumped into the river water, even as it was swallowing the struggling women.
Speaking to the publication Kamal says: “I swam towards the accident site and saw my mother… The currents were so strong that I could only grab her by the hair… Then I reached for her hand and pulled her to the pillar…”

After saving the life of her mother, the young boy saw his aunt struggling in the deep water, and again without wasting any time, he jumped into and saved her as well. And it wasn’t all. Kamal saw that a mother was in the boat with her child when it overhauled, he saw that the child was too young to swim and the mother was drowning.

Speaking with the Time of India, Kamal says: “I pulled my mother and aunt out of the water when I saw a woman in a burqa with a child in her arms, struggling to stay afloat… I jumped back into the water and managed to pull both to a concrete slab of the reservoir. Unfortunately, the child slipped into the water and was swept away… The woman jumped in to save her baby and was swept away as well… It all happened too soon before I could do anything…”

It was really unfortunate that the mother and her child got swept away even after Kamal’s best efforts. But for his mother and aunt, he is a hero.

Speaking about Kamal his mother says: “I owe him my life and I knew he would be able to save himself since he swims in the Brahmaputra to practice twice a week.”